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Faces2Hearts is a worldwide blogging initiative that will take 4 young bloggers on a journey across Africa, Latin America or Asia-Pacific for 5 months to discover projects that are changing people’s lives for the better, supported by the EU.

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Where The Grass Is Becoming Greener

Can we just stop and talk about the weather for a moment? No, not because I’ve spent my entire adult life in Britain and miss my adoptive land. I want us to discuss the freak weather we’ve been having – a phenomenon whose unpredictability seems to be the only reliable constant – because it’s relevant [...]

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East & Southern Africa

22/04/2018 0

Witches of Shinyanga

As an October baby I’ve always had a thing for Halloween. When I was little I would dress up every year and go as the same thing – a witch. It’s not exactly an offbeat costume choice but my love of witches ran deeper than that. I admired their strength and smarts. From my almost-namesake [...]

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East & Southern Africa

22/04/2018 0

Let’s Talk Trash: Kathmandu Takes on Organic Waste

Waste management is probably one of the least “appealing” topics to talk about, but I have a positive story about waste and how the landscape of waste is changing in Kathmandu. Visiting a Waste Management site was actually my first “site” of Kathmandu and it was a wake-up call that if we’re going to talk about [...]

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18/04/2018 0

Climate change : Guilty bags

This week, we were challenged by Worldpackers to talk about climate change. When I was thinking about what I should write in this blog, I thought about starting by defining what climate change is. But I quickly told myself that, as a trending subject that it is today, I do not really need to. Instead, [...]

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West & Central Africa

17/04/2018 0

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