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Faces2Hearts is a worldwide blogging initiative that will take 4 young bloggers on a journey across Africa, Latin America or Asia-Pacific for 5 months to discover projects that are changing people’s lives for the better, supported by the EU.

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A Woman Can Be Anything She Wants To Be

This week’s challenge came from Keith Yuen, avid traveller and founder of Travel Inspiration 360. He asked us to share a story about women’s employment opportunities in honour of International Women’s Day. As a woman I know all too well that our half of the population doesn’t always have it easy. From lower pay to [...]

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East & Southern Africa

14/03/2018 0

Rebuilding Hope After a Disaster

When one of the most devastating tropical cyclones tore through Fiji, many people felt hopeless and broken. Countless people lost their homes and even more heartbreakingly their families. It seems like there wasn’t one person on this island that wasn’t somehow directly or closely in touch whose world did get flipped upside down because of [...]

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13/03/2018 0

Highlights from Ivory Coast

They say time flies quickly. Indeed it has been an amazing but fast period of three weeks spent in Ivory Coast. Every single project I visited and every place I have been to should definitely land on my list of highlights. But here are my 3 highlights that sum up what my time has been [...]

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West & Central Africa

12/03/2018 1

Artisans Joining hands together in Yamoussoukro

“Some months ago, my son died. A week after, my second son was was sick and needed urgent surgery. I didn’t have money at all. But as this project had also helped our association to have health insurance, my son was able to have his surgery done, and I only paid a small amount.” –says [...]

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West & Central Africa

12/03/2018 1

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