Worldpackers is a community based on collaboration and honest relationships that make travel more accessible to those seeking a profound cultural experience. It is a global marketplace connecting travellers and hosts through the exchange of skills for accommodation. Through an online platform and community we connect travelers looking to exchange their skills for accommodation – with incredible hosts from all around the world.

When the team at Worldpackers found out about the Faces2Hearts project they absolutely beamed with the opportunity to be involved. Faces2Hearts not only encourages and encompasses a journey, but further the ability to document this journey and share the story all around the world. Where each of the bloggers will go beyond ‘faces’ or stereotypes to share their stories to the world. These are the stories we love and these include the stories inspired by the invaluable list of projects funded by the European Union.

There is a direct connection with Worldpackers and the Faces2Hearts project as there is this sense of urgency to encourage, inspire, explore but also contribute. Through documenting these experiences we are able to share, create a sense of community and contribute to our world that is so great to us. From time spent at EU projects to host stays with Worldpackers, it is the benefit to the community and the need to share that beneficial experience which not only gives one a life changing experience but creates successful impact and encourages others to do the same. We both want to inspire others to do more good and show the world what you can experience and how you can make a difference!


101 Reporters is a news platform which sources original stories from grassroots reporters across the country, then edits and markets them to the national and international media. It brings reporters and publishers on a common platform for wider publication of socially-impacting stories. 101 Reporters believes that important stories fail to find space in national media not because publishers are not interested but because they don’t have reporters to report them. And, there are scores of grassroots journalists looking for a platform. We are providing them one. Over the next one year we plan to have at least one reporter covering each of 664 districts of India.

 101 Reporters



Inspired by his father, and a childhood interest for encyclopaedia over story books, Keith Yuen loves embarking on solo travels, not just to mainstream countries but also to exotic places. He is the man behind Travel Inspiration 360; he considers travelling to be “one of the great true loves” of his life, and believes each experience he’s had as a traveller thus far has made him richer. To-date, he has traversed across 6 continents in 84 countries.

While many people relentlessly pursue wealth and material success in life, traveling gives him a sense of purpose in life. To embark on the road less travelled, showing the world what they might not have seen. Photographing the beautiful places that we might have missed, correcting our misconceptions, sharing voices that are never being heard, documenting stories and moments over social media has been a fulfilling part of his life.

He will be sharing his knowledge, experiences and inspiring change to our four young travellers on the #Faces2Heart worldwide blogging competition. Leveraging on this platform to inspire young minds, in bringing the world closer through travel blogging.

 Travel Inspiration 360