Jess Morrell‘s passion for travel was ignited by the excitement of the unknown and the thrill that came with experiencing a new culture, leaving Australia at a young age to embark on her first solo journey at the age of 18. Jess believes travel is a universal right which should be achievable by everyone, not only for the experience you gain as an individual but also the experience you are able to create for cultures and communities you reach on your journey. Her love for travel has transpired and aligned with a role at Worldpackers, a platform hosting a traveler exchanging their skills for their own experience with a host from a choice of over 100 countries worldwide. Jess feels both honoured and privileged to have been invited to be part of the Faces2Hearts jury, the enjoyment she gets out of seeing people with an unwavering passion for travel is undeniable and she cannot wait to see the content derived from the amazing journeys the selected winners have ahead of them!


Johnny Ward, one of the world’s top travel and lifestyle bloggers at OneStep4Ward, is one of the youngest people in history to visit every country in the world. Through his blog and digital media company, Johnny travelled full-time for 10 years, working from his laptop, to achieve his goal of traveling through all 197 countries. En route, from his laptop, Johnny became a self-made millionaire.

Since finishing his journey, Johnny, along with one of his closest friends, created the GiveBackGiveAway.com, where he uses his social media reach as a platform to crowdfund for projects in the developing world. They have since built dormitories for refugees in Thailand, playgrounds for communities in Cambodia and recently a school in Southern Myanmar, with projects in India and the Philippines up next.


Keith Yuen loves embarking on solo travels, not just to mainstream countries but also to exotic places. He is the man behind Travel Inspiration 360; he considers travelling to be “one of the great true loves” of his life, and believes each experience he’s had as a traveller thus far has made him richer. To-date, he has traversed across 6 continents in 84 countries.

While many people relentlessly pursue wealth and material success in life, traveling gives him a sense of purpose in life. To embark on the road less travelled, showing the world what they might not have seen. Photographing the beautiful places that we might have missed, correcting our misconceptions, sharing voices that are never being heard, documenting stories and moments over social media has been a fulfilling part of his life.

 Travel Inspiration 360

Layla Nia is a registered nurse based in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Since graduating in 2012, she has gained experience in numerous fields of nursing. As a proud first generation American, who is equally as proud of her Iranian roots, she has aided both countries in their recoveries from several natural disasters as well as working with various non profit organizations in the fight against a variety of diseases. She has also worked as a travel nurse in aid programs in the Czech Republic and United Kingdom. It was during these experiences that Layla fell in love with travel and decided to devote half of her time to this new passion. In the last 5 years, she has been able to visit over 50 countries and has since founded and created the social media platforms LATravelGirl and LAFoodieGirl which she has combined into her website at latravelgirl.com. Her goal now is to split 50% of her time nursing in Los Angeles and the other 50% visiting as much of this beautiful Earth as possible.


Pedro Espírito Santo works at the European Commission, as Policy Assistant to the Director in charge of Asia, Central Asia, Pacific and Middle East/Gulf. Similarly, Pedro is a guest lecturer and coordinator of the seminar on the Law of External Action of the European Union at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is a member of the Portuguese Society of International Law (SPDI) and of the International Law Association. Before joining the European Commission, he has worked at the United Nations in New York (Office of Legal Affairs), providing legal advice on policy areas of the organisation, including peacekeeping operations, development projects, privileges and immunities, responsibility and institutional affairs, contracts and dispute resolution. Born in Lisbon (Portugal), Pedro holds an LL.M in International and European Law from the University of Cambridge (Jesus College) and a B.A. in Law (magna cum laude) from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

 European Commission – Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development

Richard Jones oversees editorial content for multimedia campaigns and media partnerships at Devex. Previously an associate editor, he covered the full spectrum of development aid in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, supervising a team of correspondents and writers, penning articles and conducting high-level video interviews at events across the EMEA region.

Currently based in Barcelona, Richard brings to bear 14 years of experience as an editor in institutional communications, public affairs and international development. His development experience includes stints in the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Ecuador.


Rohini Mohan is an Indian journalist who writes on politics, environment and human rights in South Asia. For over a decade, she has written award winning articles for several publications and websites including  Al Jazeera, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Economic Times, Tehelka, The Caravan, The Hindu, Outlook, The Wire, New Indian Express, and news channel CNN-IBN. She has lived in New Delhi, Chennai and New York, and is now based in Bangalore, India. Rohini has a Masters in political journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York, and a PG Diploma in Print Journalism from Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. Her first book is the award-winning  THE SEASONS OF TROUBLE (2014), a nonfiction account of three people caught up in the aftermath of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

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