Ariel Contreras – LATIN AMERICA


My name is Ariel Contreras, at this point in my life I am a vlogger, youtuber travel photographer and co-founder of Isla Adentro, a youtube travel series. Before this, I used to have a successful company with my brother, and I was also an award-winning young writer and an environmental activist. But then it happened… the travel bug got me and I started falling in love with places, people I didn’t even know existed and their stories, conservation efforts and wonderful species hanging by a thread. And then everything just made sense right away, in the most natural way. I decided to follow my heart and here I am… Finding a beautiful middle ground between everything that makes me feel alive and the things I want to leave as a legacy. I dream about getting to know the world as a local and about giving a voice (a pretty loud one) to those who struggle, those who are doing beautiful things to make this world a better place and of course, to the one and only space we can call our common home. That’s me in a nutshell.

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 Jean Luc Habimana – WEST & CENTRAL AFRICA


I am a storyteller through documentary photography. I believe in the power of stories through inspiration and sharing experiences as a way of learning from each other and bringing people together. I love using my camera to capture stories that deserve to be told now, and even to the coming generations. Apart from my personal projects, I have co-founded MyStory Rwanda, which is a platform that seeks to inspire and connect young people through storytelling.

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Lauren Kana Chan – ASIA


I am a storyteller and explorer, who is trying to understand the world through the lens of sustainable and responsible travel. My professional and research passions are in sustainable livelihoods. I am an environmental and social justice advocate, committed helping build better lives for future generations. I have worked and volunteered for UNESCO World Heritage Site in Greenland, Sustainable Travel International, and Sustainable Tourism Observatories in China. I used to work as an editor for Sustainability Leaders and Asian Ecotourism Network to learn about leadership in Asia and around the world. For as long I can remember, nature has been a source of joy and inspiration. I share my own stories and experiences at I believe that stories can enact awareness and promote a global community.

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Sabina Trojanova – EAST & SOUTHERN AFRICA


Hi, I am Sabina Trojanova! I am the founder of – a responsible travel and sustainable lifestyle blog. My stories focus on the intersection between gender and climate change. I have more than 150,000 social media followers and have been featured in publications like Lonely Planet or Huffington Post. Although I am 24 I have already visited more than forty countries, lived in five and am fluent in four languages. When I am not travelling I’m most likely trying new vegan recipes I learned on my journeys, working on my dystopian novel or dreaming of adopting a rescue dog.

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