Highlights of Bolivia

11/03/2018 0 Latin America

Bolivia was GREAT in many ways, but if I'm being 100% honest what I liked the most was their culture and their natural spaces. I see a lot of courage

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The way back home (Challenge!)

19/02/2018 0 Latin America

Last week we received a challenge that got me very excited. If you didn't know, February 20th is the World Day of Social Justice, which, according to the United Nations,

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Highlights of Haiti

14/02/2018 0 Latin America

Before getting the name of ''Hispaniola'', before the division between two countries, the first people that lived here used to call it Ayiti, which means Land of Mountains. Haiti still

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Desire to thrive

12/02/2018 1 Latin America

This will not be a long article. This is just a tribute. A way to express my admiration for people who, regardless of the conditions (or because of them), seek to

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