Sunny Days Ahead In Soroti, Uganda

25/02/2018 East & Southern Africa

The unassuming town of Soroti is home to the biggest solar plant in East Africa. "You need to publish the post fast, because there are new plants being built in Kenya

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Highlights From Uganda

14/02/2018 1 East & Southern Africa

I’ve just arrived in Tanzania, but I want to briefly talk about my time in Uganda first. What a beautiful country! I visited several projects, focusing on anything from solar energy

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Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association

22/01/2018 1 East & Southern Africa

The air reverberates with hushed chatter as dozens of women patiently wait their turn in a darkened hallway. I see lots of trembling hands. Quivering voices. Beads of perspiration, which could

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Is It Safe To Travel Around Africa?

17/01/2018 1 East & Southern Africa

This simple question has followed me around for the past two months, like a clueless but persistent puppy. Everyone from family members to people I've just met seem to want to

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