Highlights from Ivory Coast

They say time flies quickly. Indeed it has been an amazing but fast period of three weeks spent in Ivory Coast. Every single project I visited and every place I have been to should definitely land on my list of highlights. But here are my 3 highlights that sum up what my time has been like:

Visiting projects that change children lives

I was so fortunate to visit amazing EU funded projects and meet awesome people whose lives have been impacted positively. But I particularly was touched by 2 projects that I visited, that change lives of vulnerable children, by providing a home of hope  for them, despite hard situations they went through at a young age, and that way make a way for them back to the society. You can read more here and  here

My wonders of Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is such a touristic country, that you would definitely have something new to discover everyday. But here are my top 3 encounters along my Ivorian journey:

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro

Cascades in Man

Capital city, Abidjan

Meeting bloggers’ association

This was indeed my last evening in Ivory Coast (for this time, since I am definitely going to be back), and I admit there wasn’t any better way to finish my journey. These bright young minds believe in the power of communication through blogging, and they believe that they can change a lot. It was an amazing chat I had with Thierry , Mariam, Tatiana and Jacques  who are all bloggers from the Association des Blogueurs Ivoiriens.

Embarking on my next adventure now in Accra, and I am definitely looking forward to living the experience and to sharing every bit of it with you.

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