My Faces2Hearts Backpack

It has been a very short few weeks since the training for the Faces2Hearts in Brussels. So unbelievable how time runs so fast!

Back in time, I felt like time was not really moving a second as badly as I wanted the adventure to start. But now that the time is here, everything is running pretty fast, and frankly, a side of me is kind of frustrated but excited at the same time. But that is normal and I believe it is part of the excitement for the adventure.

This week has even been crazier. Shopping and packing for 5 months is not as easy as it might sound. Here are some packing tips for a 5 months trip I have found useful and have used this time :

1. Way before traveling, make a list

You probably have done this before. But, if you are travelling for 5 months, make the list as long as it can be. Do not leave anything behind – write it down as soon as it pops up in your mind. Don’t worry you can just remove them later. I personally find it useful to even put on the list things that you already have.

2. Consider your typical day during your journey

Depending on your reason of travelling, you probably are going to have in mind what your typical day ideally may look like. Thus, evaluate every step of the day and identify what you might need, and put it on the list !

3. Pack light, but pack enough

As traveling approaches, you probably are going to have to filter your packing list and due to factors like what you can buy at the place you are travelling to, what you might find less useful, or simply other personal reasons. But do not forget, you don’t want to leave something and finding yourself in a place you can’t get it – yet needing it.

4. Do not forget what you shouldn’t forget

We most of the times all have that thing or those things we cherish most and wouldn’t live without. That said, here is my list of “don’t leave me” already :

  • My Camera
  • My Massaï necklace
  • Faces2Hearts logo (special for this trip)

5. More tips

I am sure you also have or have heard tips that help you in your packing for travel. I only shared a few that I found useful during this pre-departure week for the Faces to Hearts adventure.

The excitement has never been this real. I am looking forward to sharing with you my first experiences from Senegal, where I will be visiting, starting from this very next week. Stay tuned, and let’s travel together!

  • Namulime Sharon

    Great tips.
    Had read this but my network was too poor to reply by then.

    Considering typical day during your journey is indeed the easiest way to identify what is essential to pack.
    Maybe to supplement on this: for such kind of field work, I always consider first aid kit(for personal safety), toiletries(for personal hygiene), extra batteries and chargers(so that I don’t get stuck in the middle of work)

    Otherwise wish you an awesome five months stay in West and Central Africa. Lots of love


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