EmPOWERing youth (weekly challenge!)

For this week, the challenge was to capture results. It was all about being specific about how a project is changing people’s lives, so I feel like sharing a story with you guys.

As you may know by now, a few days ago I was in Mole-Saint-Nicolas, Haiti, visiting not a project, but a company that have received investment from the UE through Electrify. The company’s name is Sigora and for the first time ever in MSNs story, they’re getting electricity because of this company. By the end of February they’ll be 37% solar and before this year ends, they’ll have wind turbines up and running as well. The plan is to be fully renewable ASAP to provide clean power to Mole-Saint-Nicolas, Jean Rabel, Bombardopolis and other towns in the northwest department.

Okay, so, how is that changing people’s lives? Well, this is just one of the many stories.

Meet Brown Stevenson, a 21 year old entrepeneur from MSN. Picture taken inside of his business. 

After Sigora started providing electricity in Mole-Saint-Nicolas, this young man started his own business related to 0ne of his passions: movies. He opened one of the first rural cinemas in MSN and almost every night he screens movies for people to enjoy and find something to do at night. He charges $5 gourdes per person which people seem to don’t mind at all, based on how many people I saw on Thursday night.

Before, this was just a thought he had while helping (almost always for free) his parents with their garden, now this became his daily job and he is his own boss. But it doesn’t end there. He has bigger dreams now… he wishes to improve the quality of his facilities so people can be and feel more comfortable while watching the movies. He dreams about being able to offer them drinks and snacks, to have a bigger screen. And what I liked the most about this Brown, is that he knows it’s possible and it’s only a matter of time now.

So, from only providing help to his parents from time to time with the garden, to young entrepeneur in the far northwest of Haiti… that’s kind of a big deal, huh?


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