Desire to thrive

This will not be a long article. This is just a tribute. A way to express my admiration for people who, regardless of the conditions (or because of them), seek to thrive.  And I say this because just a few days ago, while visiting one of the projects supported by the EU, I ran into a group of people dedicated to help each other out in really precarious conditions.

Members of a rural cooperative carry out their weekly reunion despite not having electricity or proper facilities

These men and women live close to the Dominican – Haitian border, in Ouanaminthe. They’re currently being trained by OXFAM Haiti to be able to run a rural cooperative on their own so they can finance their personal projects, health issues, and their kid’s education.

It surprised me in a really good way seeing that these people gathered here all excited and full of will. To give you a clear idea of what it felt to be there: picture yourself trying to deal with tiny numbers and letters on a piece of paper, no electricity… picture yourself taking a breath and filling up your lungs with the smell of burning trash and smoke, and instead of having a nice comfy chair, you’re sitting on very rustic wooden benches. Motivation can be indeed a very powerful tool and there’s plenty here.

This is how I felt the scenario.

Seeing this was a nice reality check. So if I learned something this day, besides the technical aspects of the project, is this: don’t wait for the right moment, don’t wait for the right tools, don’t wait for the perfect scenario. There’s a lot of people out there doing their best with the little they have, and in the end, it all comes down to how powerful is what moves us and our desire to thrive.

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