Theresa Lioba Hack

Taking diverse Perspectives

13/11/2017 1 Comment 2

My motivation is to connect on a personal level with people in this globalized world. I belive two minds are better than one and three are better than two. We are all individuals but we are all human. Decisions made in Europe affect people all around the globe so lets talk about it. I am a student for african studies and aware of my eurocentric viewpoint but i´m always ready to challenge it, learn with people along the way and break some stereotypes. I love hearing stories and through my travels i´ve listened to some of the most interesting and inspiring people tell me their story.

By Theresa Lioba Hack 1 Comment 13/11/2017
  • Maria Laura

    Very interesting subject but fairly difficult to understand what the real object of the exercise will be. Just to connect with people ? Or to highlight the freedom to live your own life?


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