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Empower local changemakers

13/11/2017 3 Comments 152

When I travel, I focus on the human encounters along the way. I cherish those moments when strangers open up to one another and share their stories and challenges. Exploring new countries and different cultures helps me broaden my horizon. I have been working as a freelance journalist and project manager for international projects across North Africa and the Middle East and have had the joy to interact with many inspiring people.

If I get the opportunity to visit EuropeAid Projects in Eastern and Southern Africa, I want to focus on the local changemakers who work tirelessly on improving the lives of their communities. Their story has to be told in order for us Europeans to understand the change happening at the grassroots and how we can support theses processes by working at eye level with the local communities. I have strong intercultural competencies and am adventurous, outgoing and an attentive listener. But most of all, I know how to tell a good story!

By Laura Ginzel 3 Comments 13/11/2017
  • Lizzie AG

    Thank you for sharing this with us! I hope you will be able to partner with the ‘organic individuals’ who work at grassroots level and bring us back more stories!!!

  • Addi


  • Maria Laura

    Good presentation and commendable project. Collecting stories is not easy and you need empathy and above all interest in human kind. And of course your own powerful way of telling their stories so as to make them stand out.


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