Siwar José Basualdo García

Dream as a Memory

13/11/2017 2 Comments 36

“In late 19th century Pedro Paulet born in Arequipa, Perú, he was like many of us a dreamer, he was inspired by Jules Verne’s book “From the earth to the moon” and in early 20th century he designed the first aerospace ship propelled by liquid fuel, he spend the rest of his life trying to fund his design, but in the process he inspire a whole generation of rising scientist and engineers, who then in 1969 based on his research made possible the Apollo 11 to rise into sky fulfilling his dream. Like him in every single corner of the world there is a dream waiting to be heard, waiting to be told and waiting to inspire all of us so we can build a wonderful world. Join with me and let’s dream as a memory together.”
Join with me to this dreamfull adventure, let’s explore miles of dreams !
This journey is about how knowledge and science makes our dreams come true !
Inspiring people like you and me dreaming as a memory !

By Siwar José Basualdo García 2 Comments 13/11/2017

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