Roland Byagaba

Broadcasting Africa’s Goodness

13/11/2017 1 Comment 2

One of my most persistent goals is to visit every country in the world, beginning with my motherland, Africa, and document my experiences along the way. So far, I’ve done most of the ones in my region and intend to do much more travel in the coming year after crossing over into my 30’s. I’ve engineered my life such that I am able to do exactly this. All my career endeavours revolve around writing. Project director of Writivism which is trying to promote African writers and African literature, Muwado which is trying to ensure all great content out of the content is well archived instead of being forgotten via traditional social media, and Uganda Blogging community which is trying to professionalise blogging in Uganda. This opportunity is, therefore, a great opportunity to tell the African story like I’ve always wanted to and better still, tell the stories of resilience despite the different hardships faced, experience different cultures and, as a massive bonus, improve my French.

By Roland Byagaba 1 Comment 13/11/2017
  • Maria Laura

    Presentation is too bland and not too audible. However the aim is commendable: making African authors outside of Africa would be a great achievement. Is professional blogging the way? Well we are waiting to see what you will be able to achieve and will be grateful for your effort!


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