I was really happy to find out that Beira had some projects related to Education and Youth.

It is extremely important to empower young people and create opportunities for the future generations.

Young Africa is a confederation of independently, locally registered affiliated organizations that runs skills centres with the aim to reduce the high unemployment rate among young people with disabilities by providing them trainings and services to prepare them for (self)employment. Thanks to this project, youth from the entire province of Sofala, from rural districts and the rest of Mozambique have been benefitting from the accessible centre and accomodations. Students’ age is between 15 and 25 years old. 

There are two centres where students can enroll. One is situated 15km away from Beira city centre and the other one is in Dondo (which is 20km further).


The entrance of the centre has a ramp which makes the place accessible to people with disabilities.

The centre in Beira offers courses with an industrial focus. To mention some of them : elettronics, hospitality, auto mechanic, carpentry, childcare, cooking

During my visit I also had the chance to step into the middle of a life skill lesson about “HIV-AIDS” which aims to raise awareness between young people about sex, homosexuality, contraception and prevention. Some of the students I met admitted finding this class very important especially with regards to their health. I asked the teacher whether pupils feel comfortable talking about the topic or instead feel embarrassed to ask questions and she said that nobody has ever had a problem in taking part of the lesson.

Teacher Zamila, speaking about HIV & AIDS

Anastacia 19 years old, student speaking about gender equality

Electric Departament (Students practicing during a lesson)

Luisa is the only girl in class.

She says that she has always loved seeing her grandfather fixing things around the house and that she wanted to learn herself too that is why she decided to enroll this course.


Boys at work!


The centre in Dondo offers courses agricultural oriented. Only this semester 351 students enrolled, 19 of these were with different abilities.

In February 2017, Young Africa earned international recognition by UNESCO- UNEVOC for providing vocational training integrated with Entrepreneurship and giving graduates the tools to find employment or become self employed. All training departments are rented to local entrepreneurs to run their business. At the same time they teach students, taking responsibility to pass on their skills to the young people of their communities. The rental of these workshops leads to financial self sustainability of the training centres.

The overall objective in Dondo  is to contribute to poverty eradication and food security in Sofala province.

This is Flora, 27 years old. She studied food processing and now works at the Centre as a trainer.

Flora with her colleagues, Fernando & Anna.

Since the centre aims to welcome students with disabilities, to overcome any physical inaccessibility, two new fully accessible hostels have been constructed to accommodate them.

Whilst having a look at one of the hostels, I meet Essita, 23 years old who is staying at the centre and has enrolled the IT course.

Essita says that the hostel meets her needs and it is only difficult to get to the centre when it rains, but other than that she is very happy to be here. The staff is like a second family to her. Her dream is to become an agricultural manager.

And now let me show you some WOMEN at work



And I also visited the farm. From a vegetarian point of view I was very looking forward to seeing the conditions in which these animals were kept and was feeling so relieved when I saw that they were kept well and looked after.


Hope you enjoy reading this and stay tuned!


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  • Namulime Sharon

    Great work by YOUNG AFRICA. it is important for young people to gain vocational skills that will help them survive in this competitive world. And seeing committed young girls and those with disabilities being empowered is really inspiring.

    • Ellie

      That’s right and it’s important to empower everyone, especially those with disabilities! Thanks for reading the post and leaving such a lovely comment Sharon!


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